Note: 5.16 later, order not certified on the order below, the system won ‘t allow shipment. This certification is required by the taiwanese government, after the adoption of accreditation, shrimp skin will help clear customs, speedy clearance can be accelerated, not for the purpose of collecting duties, the tariff regime remained unchanged.
If not certified, the goods will be carded directly to customs clearance, small stores will also have money empty, hope to understand each other, please complete the authentication of the order below.
All cross-border shopping needs certification, not only shrimp skin and shop requirements
First certification completed You can go shopping happily after that, don ‘t bother
Accreditation methodology: App-i-customs department authentication information or view government description page https: //shopee. Tw/m/cbkyc
If not validated through the above process, please contact taiwan customer service oh ~

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  • 50K - 100K
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  • 200k - 300K
  • 300k - 500K
  • 500k - 1TR
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  • 2TR - 5TR
  • 5TR - 10TR
  • Trên 10TR

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