Hello, buyer, new sales, there will be sales promotions from time to time, selling is a spot sale, basically all the goods, buyers do not need to confirm direct order purchase, if only a few out-of-stock sellers will contact you when you settle the bill, happy new year.
Ps: Sale goods due to cost considerations, do not ship if you do not have less than 99 yuan
Because small things buy only a few dozens to pay for freight, it really doesn ‘t really fit the cheaper overvaluation of net purchases, the seller ‘s delivery time is required for delivery, neither buyer nor seller is a bargain.

Thương hiệu
  • Tất cả
  • Dưới 50K
  • 50K - 100K
  • 100K - 200K
  • 200k - 300K
  • 300k - 500K
  • 500k - 1TR
  • 1TR - 2TR
  • 2TR - 5TR
  • 5TR - 10TR
  • Trên 10TR

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