Welcome to the flagship stores in your hometown
You can ask Miss Customer Service for 10 yuan coupons for three products . Remember to pay attention to us !
The merchandise vendor will deliver the goods as fast as possible after receiving your order . the goods are dispatched from the continent , Normally 7 12 days arrival Oh , But sometimes individual orders are due to longer clearance times , So it can cause delay in arrival time , Please also understand , If there are any problems , please contact the customer service in time !
Please contact the customer to know the order form for purchasing more than one piece of water from the stickers . Preventing excess from being seized by customs . You can ask for a freight deductible coupon from the customer service ! Thank you for your presence , Love you ! �

Thương hiệu
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  • Dưới 50K
  • 50K - 100K
  • 100K - 200K
  • 200k - 300K
  • 300k - 500K
  • 500k - 1TR
  • 1TR - 2TR
  • 2TR - 5TR
  • 5TR - 10TR
  • Trên 10TR

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