Closing orders by 4 p.m. Each day, unless there are quality problems, otherwise, the shipment will be delivered the same day.
If you don ‘t want a style in the store, you can talk about sending pictures to us. As long as it is not shut down, the shopmaster can get the goods.
The quality of the product will be checked, if there is a quality problem, we ‘ll pack off the package.
You can contact us at any time if you have any questions.
Consumables produced in bulk, if there are minor defects, please also ask for your client ‘s pardon
Perfectionist, please talk about comments!!
Accept all wholesales、 acquisitions、 delivery on behalf of, take your quantity, price is beautiful!
You have any questions to consult us by chatting with us, we ‘ll reply to you in 30 minutes. 《02: 00-09: (except 00)
Collect our stores and customers who praise the goods, we will give you extra gifts for your order.
Serve you with all your heart
2007-09-12 19:30:00:00 so the model of apple is available

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  • Dưới 50K
  • 50K - 100K
  • 100K - 200K
  • 200k - 300K
  • 300k - 500K
  • 500k - 1TR
  • 1TR - 2TR
  • 2TR - 5TR
  • 5TR - 10TR
  • Trên 10TR

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