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【Activity i】 Pay attention to this shop for 10 yuan coupons
【Activity ii】 Large discounts 4
【Activity iii】 10
【Activity iv】 Discount code: 99-5; 399-10; 899-40 ^_^
【Activity v】 New customers focus on the sale and offer three compliments, less 10
【Activity vi】 All five stars praised, photos can be returned to customer service
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All items on sale can be spotted, if you have a short supply, i ‘ll talk to you
Order immediately after ordering, shipment within 1 working day, in case of explosion, within 3 working days
Delivery time approximately 4-8 days (Lylfou statute of limitations 15-20 days) Arrival at the pick-up market
2 days off on saturday, unite shipment monday night
We have strict control over our products, it ‘s best for you、 best price quality balance, please give us five star evaluation as encouragement~thanks
Good after-sale service for all commodities
Please talk to us about any commodity problem

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