Hi, hello, dear, here is for every little angel, integrity operations, babies are happy every day, happy growth! Welcome!
Dear Moms can pay more attention to the discounts, weekly new activities, some products are also selected for special prices.
299 Family exemption, please remember to collect the ticket free of shipment, any unclear please have a personal inquiry about me, thank you for your advice.
Look here before the subscription:
About the time of shipment: The goods can be shipped within 3 days of normal payment from stock, advance price can consult customer service shipping time oh! The goods will be sent to Shenzhen by air from shrimp unified to Taiwan, time consuming total about 7 12 days oh!
2. Quality and price issues: I’ve always wanted to give you the best, it’s all a source gate, from fabric to work, one stitch at a time, try to satisfy yourself first. Don’t do bad things, no price, but absolutely super high cost. Thank you for your support!
3, if you buy more good things, suggested multiple orders, avoid overpacking to customs return!
Thank you for your understanding and support, we’ll get more discounts and good things in return for your support.
The kin are careful about the male. Our shop will participate in the full 299 shipping free event from 16 December, follow the official pace of shrimp skin regularly, remember to choose the shrimp store for the family, full 399 Free Housing、 shop Match – 711. Due to the problem of double 12, logistics distribution is relatively slower than previous distribution 2 3 working days, please forgive your loved ones more! Thank you!

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