Welcome (Digital accessories around mobile phones) Wholesale shops in mobile phone accessories factories
High quality. Professional Wholesalers of mobile phone accessories at favorable prices
Franchising of all kinds of glass protection stickers、 quadrangle air cushion air pressure shell and fine mobile phone accessories wholesale
We support a wholesale. Mixed batch can also be made.
Small Capital Group Purchase、 intercultural wholesale、 provincial wholesale、 large volume negotiable

Suggest protective sticker can buy more than two! The first is in case you’re not sticking up well. The second is to protect the stickers belonging to consumables can be kept in reserve long term also can save freight!

B: Good news
Freight discount volume is now available at 599
Freight free full 899

Our flagship shrimp store is suitable for 15 day appreciation period, if you have any questions, please talk about customer service
Multiple programs per piece centrally checked, confirm quality..wait for careful verification before shipment
But the ordered commodities are available from stock and can be obtained quickly after the “shipment of the same day’s bid
Never take “defective products’ to ignore the guests, received the broken bags, we dare to pay for quality

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