Welcome to this store. Most of the pre sale products are available from stock, just to prevent the adverse effects of late delivery rates, we are overseas stores, orders will be sent in 1 3 days. Our basic electrical voltage is 220v, available converters, thank you. In case of shortage, we’ll let you know by chatting. Our store is 399 minus 20, total 599 less 30, full 799 minus 50 full 999 exemption (Shipment of a single order amounting to 100 Taiwanese dollars) Notes: non material defects non refundable, small dirty、 line header、 residue、 cleanable dirt, outer packaging crease and breakage, none of the commodity’s function is defective ~ ~ The quantity of the subject matter represents the current availability of goods, it will be based on the quantity on the day of shipment, shortage of goods is usually shown in pictures, or in the narrative, 如完全沒尺寸再詢問 ★取貨後請檢查商品無誤及瑕疵在按確認收後貨 ★訂單成立後就無法修改 ★訂單安排出貨事宜就無法取消喔~!!! The seller has the right to decide on the way to return / replace the goods., under shipment、 slow logistics, welcome to contact us anytime, please don’t rush for negative comment (Below four stars is a poor review) Oh, advice to our store, welcome feedback, we’ll try to do it well! Working day response time is 9: 00-22: 00 (365 days throughout the year), rest day may not be timely, i’d like you to have a nice shopping season

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